The Successful Journey of Alex A Molinaroli

Alex A Molinaroli is an American businessman and the former Johnson Controls Chairman and CEO. During his tenure, he reshaped the company’s principles, operating processes, and portfolio. It was a significant transformation in the company through its then 130-year history. It was during his leadership the company expanded its footprint to China.

Alex A Molinaroli climbed in different job positions where he served in various leadership roles. During his 34-year career at the company, he grew and mentored his colleagues in their success and leadership paths. He had strategies that led him through his career moves.

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Focusing on Sales

Having served as a vice president of sales and marketing at the beginning of his career, he gained experience, which helped him become a good leader. Having targets enabled him and the members to put extra effort into achieving the target. It was during a period when he learned about the importance of listening. Today he advises professionals on gaining sales experience.

Be Your Boss

He encourages individuals to start their own business as it helps one make choices that enable managing the budget.

Gain A Global Perspective

Having an open dialogue with other colleagues’ backgrounds helps one understand and improve visions and goals.

No Man Is an Island

He learned about being a good team member, which helped him become a good team leader.

Take Intelligent Risks and Learn from Mistakes

Making mistakes in life is a lesson that one learns. Alex believed making mistakes and learning from them benefits one in the long run with knowledge of avoiding similar issues in the future.

Alex A Molinaroli was involved in helping women-owned businesses. He created a path for women at the Johnson Controls Company that promoted and nurtured female leadership, which continues to date. He has been engaged in mentoring, advising, and financing women in their businesses.