Tim Ioannides Guides the World to Healthier Skins through Medicine

Soon after completing his medical residency, Tim Ioannides began his career as a dermatologist in Miami. Cosmetology procedures like Botox, which raked in more profits for dermatology practices, were popular at the time. However, Dr. Ioannides felt that medical procedures were more effective at combating skin cancer.

Thus, when Tim Ioannides got a chance to open a practice, he did not hesitate. He moved to Port St. Lucie and started a dermatology center named Treasure Coast Dermatology. Here, he focused on medical dermatology and instigated a patient-first culture.

But Tim Ioannides points out that the founding of Treasure Coast Dermatology was also a quest for personal fulfillment. During his employee days, Dr. Ioannides believed he could do more to keep skin cancer at bay. He retells how his parents instilled in him that living a fulfilling life is more important than the recognition associated with success.

Today, fifteen years since its founding, Treasure Coast Dermatology operates in five locations. Tim Ioannides works hard to maintain excellent patient care as his practice expands. As a result, he did away with electronic forms to directly look at patients when filling a manual form. This practice enables Dr. Ioannides to study a patient’s body language and listen effectively.

A University of Miami School of Medicine alumnus, Tim Ioannides is a member of recognized medical bodies such as the American Medical Association. He believes in giving a helping hand and is a Voluntary Associate Professor at the university he schooled. Dr. Ioannides asserts that he derives fulfillment from educating patients and students on skincare.

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