Tips For Investing In Healthcare by Mark Hauser

Mark Hauser has seen the healthcare industry evolve for over 20 years with his company. They began as investors in healthcare facilities and technology. But, after recognizing the industry’s potential and the solutions associated with it, Hauser started to look for investments in associated companies.

Healthcare can be a massive growth industry for investors, as we’ve seen with countless small and large acquisitions throughout the years. There’s little doubt that we’ll continue to see growth from startups, but the question is, where will they fit in? “The industry has moved to be more efficient and effective,” explains Mark Hauser. “The future of healthcare is about more advanced technology and care.

Healthcare companies today

More companies than ever before are under pressure to improve access to quality healthcare. However, as technology and the economic environment shift, these organizations are challenged to innovate to secure and grow their market share. The current administration pushes healthcare providers to lower costs and expand access, but low reimbursement rates are a constant challenge.

Competition from new market entrants and new healthcare options are causing healthcare providers to remain vigilant in addressing this issue. HPE’s mission is to help with business development and execution and sourcing, acquisition, merger, and management transactions.

What is the health care marketplace?

The healthcare marketplace comprises businesses that distribute medical devices, supplies, and pharmaceuticals. Healthcare businesses provide care to patients and investors in healthcare, insurance, and pharmaceutical firms. The sector is the second-largest economy globally, surpassing the United States.

Hauser Private Equity has acquired stakes in various healthcare businesses to create value, enable growth, and create strategic partnerships in healthcare. Their first venture was in one of the largest U.S. pharmacies, CVS Caremark. CVS Caremark is the pharmacy and health benefits administration arm of CVS Health, a Fortune 500 company and parent company of CVS Pharmacy.

Healthcare Investment Opportunities

Mark has been active in healthcare investing for over 30 years and currently holds equity positions in eight publicly-traded healthcare companies. In that time, he has expanded his focus beyond investing and has engaged in deal structuring, creating and managing partner/employee incentive programs, leading special board committees, and facilitating management buy-outs.

“That growth occurs due to rapid advancements in technology and pharmaceutical innovation,” says Mark Hauser. “We always search for opportunities to grow and scale our healthcare-related holdings, and we believe these three specific opportunities are the ideal next steps for us.”