Tom Keane Talks About Designing for the Mobile Web

He originally had no intention of speaking with “The New York Times” about his life story, but he felt compelled to do so after seeing a blog post written by a 25-year-old woman named Suzanne Childs who shared her own struggle with depression. She described Tom Keane as her hero. Childs wrote: 


“I have never been so inspired by anything as I am by Tom’s life story.  Sadly, the cloud service specialist speaks for millions. It is our stories that have the power to help others, and I hope that by sharing my own, I can inspire someone else to be brave.” Tom Keane was married in 1995 to Karin Keane. He has two sons and lives in Houston, Texas with his wife.


In 2009 Christensen, who is a fan of Tom Keane’s work for Microsoft, made a special guest appearance on the “Dr. Phil Show”. This, to offer words of support for her during his recovery from depression. Christensen said: “I just want to tell Tom that he’s doing a great job, and I really admire what he’s doing for Microsoft – all the work that he’s done on Windows 7.”


Tom Keane on Space Development

He appeared on The New York Times’ blog ‘The New York Times Magazine’ in June 2007 discussing his speech “Designing for the Mobile Web” in the 2006 Microsoft Ignite conference. Tom Keane also spoke about .NET Framework 4.0 technology at the 2006 Microsoft BUILD conference. 

The resulting story and profile of Keane was published in “The New York Times” on December 9, 2010, and he also made several appearances on television programs such as “The Oprah Winfrey Show” to discuss his life’s story, admitting he was hesitant to do so at first but felt compelled to speak out. Tom Keane later came out with a memoir in 2012 titled “A Wonderful Life”, which offered an additional look into his life’s story.