Vijay Eswaran on the Issue of Sustainability

The Switzerland-based global research and development group Horasis hosts conferences to call attention to how governments and businesses can come together to create a more environmentally friendly world. At these events, speakers often share their ideas about progressing toward a greener future. They also discuss examples of business leaders who have implemented new strategies to promote environmental responsibility within their companies.

At the HORASIS Asia meeting in 2021, topics relating to the economic impacts of the COVID-2019 pandemic and factors driving sustainable business growth in Asia were center stage. Among the keynote speakers was Vijay Eswaran, founder and CEO of HORASIS, an international consulting group working across four continents to help corporations achieve greater value through sustainable operations and business practices. His presentation highlighted how his firm had helped companies navigate challenges posed by the global health crisis. In addition to the panel discussions, a series of talks were given by CEOs and senior executives.

This year, Vijay Eswaran delivered his annual address to nearly 400 people during the Horasis Asia Conference, where he discussed the effects of coronavirus on businesses and how they can weather the storm. He also highlighted the importance of creating a plan of action for the industry’s future, no matter how grim things might get. In the wake of recent events, leaders responsible for shaping the future of emerging markets must take stock of current trends before setting out new goals and priorities. Consequently, if Asia wants to avoid being overshadowed by other regions, it must formulate a vision distinct from its neighbors, including the US and Europe.

As China continues to push for economic development and prosperity throughout Asia and across the globe, Vijay Eswaran emphasized the importance of companies expanding their global reach through innovative business practices. During uncertain economic times, investors may hesitate about investing in new ventures, but Vijay Eswaran urged them to continue growing their economies with new products and services. A successful combination of innovation and expansion can create strong economic foundations in any country.

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